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I have some G&Ps and they don't get as warm as the Systema and my ICS 3000 runs cooler,but I think the magnums get a bit of a bad rap thats all. But at the same time I find my Systema & ICS motors are able to turn over some pretty big springs without straining.As much as I like the G&P motors,they just don't seem to like the big springs.I don't see a lot of difference if your not going over 400fps for these builds anyways though. I have to say I didn't like Classic Army motor at all.They didn't last long and burnt out fast,not worth my time. But as with all airsoft related parts they all seem to have good and bad runs of parts so maybe I just picked up one of Systema's better built motors who know's?I have a stock G&P M4SO that has the 120 motor and it's about 5-6 years old with no issues.
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