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Originally Posted by paulidis View Post
. So the police told me that it was a warning and if i am caught with airsoft toys again I will be charged.

you were not charged..

"if caught again...... with airsoft guns"

here is the part they left out.. but implied in that warning.

"being a fucking idiot"

it is not illegal to own airsoft guns...

but you may be to much of a "fucking idiot" to manage it without being arrested.

you only need a pardon if you were charged and convicted..

so not only are you " a fucking idiot" but it also appears you are also as "dumb as a stone"

maybe it's best you stick with paintball

looks like I tee'd off in the noob tank.... where stupid questions are tolerated.. and even welcomed... but... there are limits no?

I apologize in advance if my post seems harsh..
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