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Originally Posted by JonsM4 View Post
I'm here to play mil-sim, not medical sim. No offense.
Because throwing a red hankie in the air totally simulates an injured person in a military conflict.

While it would add confusion, it would also add to the simulation.

Have everyone remain where they are when hit. They may only move if a medic grants them mobility.
Medics carry the cards and distribute bandages as necessary.

Medics would be held to a higher morale standard, and would benefit from having a secondary role in a milsim.

More idears:
Having a random number generator would be nice. a blizzard authenticator would work.
Ask the injured person first or last and have a printed table which shows the time needed to heal.

Medic: *arrives, pushes button. Code is 57863*
Medic: "First or last"
Medic: "5-3"
Medic: *Checks chart* 5-3=45seconds 3-5=3minutes
'Medic: 45 seconds, I'm healing you"

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