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Originally Posted by paulidis View Post
Hi all. I bought some airsoft guns from wall mart. the ones that are clear and orange plastic. Police took them away from me after receiving a call that I was shooting off an apartment balcony (stupid idea on my part). So the police told me that it was a warning and if i am caught with airsoft toys again I will be charged.

On one hand I side with the law - you shouldn't be irresponsible when handling these toys.

On the other hand, I have a right to own toy guns if I want to.

I am thinking of getting a pardon so I can own toy guns again.

I love guns for their engineering and for sport target shooting.

I am a prompt tax payer and loyal citizen - I make a lot of money per year and give almost half of it to the government.

I deserve to own toy guns if I wish.

I took up paintballing and now own a tiberius 8 paintball pistol and Im concerned I may be found with it while going to a paintball meet.

What can I do? Speak to a lawyer?
As far as I know, there is no right to own toy guns. Sure, there's nothing wrong with it if used responsibly, however by shooting them somewhere you can be seen (the police wouldn't know if no one saw you do it) you have stopped using them in a responsible fashion and, in my opinion, are no longer fit to own them. I'm not even going to touch the issue of by-laws againt discharging firearms. Some cities have it, others don't, but no matter how you look at it, it's a bad idea.

It's good that you recognize that shooting from a balcony was a bad idea. Just learn from this and move on. Walmart guns aren't anything to lose sleep over.

If I made any mistakes here feel free to correct me. I'm still new myself and would love to learn more on the subject.
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