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Hi all. I bought some airsoft guns from wall mart. the ones that are clear and orange plastic. Police took them away from me after receiving a call that I was shooting off an apartment balcony (stupid idea on my part). So the police told me that it was a warning and if i am caught with airsoft toys again I will be charged.

On one hand I side with the law - you shouldn't be irresponsible when handling these toys.

On the other hand, I have a right to own toy guns if I want to.

I am thinking of getting a pardon so I can own toy guns again.

I love guns for their engineering and for sport target shooting.

I am a prompt tax payer and loyal citizen - I make a lot of money per year and give almost half of it to the government.

I deserve to own toy guns if I wish.

I took up paintballing and now own a tiberius 8 paintball pistol and Im concerned I may be found with it while going to a paintball meet.

What can I do? Speak to a lawyer?
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