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Originally Posted by Eeyore View Post
OK but what about us normies that don't have the option of eating Wildcard's goodies?

If you had never had Wildcard's jam would you recommend it?
Sure. Just because it's bacon.

It will do in a pinch.

It's like... if I absolutely HAD to play airsoft, and I couldn't get my hands on a premium gun, I'd settle with a crappy China made clearsoft gun, just so I could sling some BBs downrange. But the difference between Wildcard's Bacon Jam vs President's Choice Bacon Marmalade, is literally like a fully macked out PTW vs a McDonald's straw.

Anyways, this thread has started to expire. manchovie or OP, if you want to post something in here, report the thread or PM one of the mods/admin, and we'll unlock it for you to post.
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