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Originally Posted by W@tchtower View Post
You can make all the excuses you want for him, but the fact remains, he took over 2 months to do this, and for that I pass judgment on him. I see no justification for it taking that long. No part order takes that long, even from HK, just got a piston from there in 9 days... There is no way he didn't have a free weekend or weekday evening to get these 2 guns done.
obviously you are one of the ones that lives on airsoft. people have lives and families if you think your gun is more important then their family you are sadly mistaken, 9 days for your piston thats over a week what if the desired part was not in stock it would take probably another week for it to come in so 2 weeks to order one part, and if he didnt know he needed a part it would have to be ordered first so it could take up to 2.5 weeks for 1 part

if you would give up your weekend to fix a gun good for you
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