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Originally Posted by W@tchtower View Post
How can anyone actually defend this asshole gundoc?

I really don't care if he is your friend or if he's been a long time member here, he acted like it wasn't his problem BUT when he took this job, he made it his problem. He had their guns for weeks at a time without responding to any messages and had to be 'bothered' by the client for his services? The way I see it he is just taking advantage of people who don't know any better, the exact same way someone took advantage of me when I bought a used gun in Ottawa, tossing shit parts in there and telling me to go to a gundoc to fix them when the crappy parts failed...

Now that I actually know how to fix up guns myself I would never trust you 'gundocs' who are just looking to make a buck off people, instead of actually fixing up a gun & helping out a fellow player. With a gun taking an evening to take apart and swap brand new parts into, I see NO reason why he couldn't do this in a week, as I think he is no likely undertaking 50 guns before Christmas.
Buddy You need to see and understand the whole thing before you open up a can of worms and if we want to take advantages of new players I'll charge a buttload of money whenever i loan my shit out to nubs like you who can't comprehend the basics of how an AEG works, there are guys that have posted on this thread that have gave their shit out no questioned asked or drop their playing time to fix a fellow airsofter gun without any compensation and sometimes not even so much of a thank you, Who the hell are you to judge this gun doc? or any other people in this thread? Fuckin Nubtards like you that have a year under their belt n this hobby with the know it all attitude needs to understand the basics, shut up and listen before they open up on matters that they don't understand or have knowledge on.
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