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Originally Posted by W@tchtower View Post
Now that I actually know how to fix up guns myself I would never trust you 'gundocs' who are just looking to make a buck off people, instead of actually fixing up a gun & helping out a fellow player. With a gun taking an evening to take apart and swap brand new parts into, I see NO reason why he couldn't do this in a week, as I think he is no likely undertaking 50 guns before Christmas.
i take it you would let a certified mechanic work on your car, if you dont use gundocs good for you, some of use like the quality of the work they do and its a load off of us they will fix our guns while we do something else, if you missed it before he most likely had to order the parts gun docs dont have a rack full of every part for every gun, and he does have a reason its a not a full time job he already has a full time job being a gun doc is not tax deductible so gun docs do it when they feel like it they have other priorities first: family, job, personal time, prior obligations, then comes fixing guns
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