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Originally Posted by W@tchtower View Post
How can anyone actually defend this asshole gundoc?

I really don't care if he is your friend or if he's been a long time member here, he acted like it wasn't his problem BUT when he took this job, he made it his problem. He had their guns for weeks at a time without responding to any messages and had to be 'bothered' by the client for his services? The way I see it he is just taking advantage of people who don't know any better, the exact same way someone took advantage of me when I bought a used gun in Ottawa, tossing shit parts in there and telling me to go to a gundoc to fix them when the crappy parts failed...

Now that I actually know how to fix up guns myself I would never trust you 'gundocs' who are just looking to make a buck off people, instead of actually fixing up a gun & helping out a fellow player. With a gun taking an evening to take apart and swap brand new parts into, I see NO reason why he couldn't do this in a week, as I think he is no likely undertaking 50 guns before Christmas.
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