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Let's not neglect the heritage of the two AEGs in question.

Now a lot of this will be speculation but I'm a pretty good guesser at times.

First is the "custom built" Troy, Magpul etc. Who built it and why isn't he fixing it? Second is the TM MP5; usually as reliable as a Timex.

The guys with the AEGs weren't members on here so not from the classifieds. He says he works at McDonalds so he's probably not loaded. So these two are the typical craigslist shankers that have been used hard, put away wet and then dumped on the first unsuspecting & ignorant person to reply to the ad.

Contrast that with someone who signed up on here, took the time to be age verified (which is free, it just costs time) and then was able to buy here, either new or used. There are sales that go bad here but I think the quality of the product and the support of the community make that risk minimal.

So for anyone who's new and wondering if getting that AV tag under your user name is worth it you can be sure that it is.
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