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Originally Posted by Freeze View Post
"Patience is a virtue"

When my gun broke down, I first TRIED to fix it myself. After a month of no success, I spent another 2 weeks putting it back together, then took it to a gun doc. The gun doc spent about a month or so before I could get it back. Cost: $50 + $18 for some parts and stuff.

Total elapsed time without working gun: 2 and a half months.

Geez, calm down, there are some really tricky problems sometimes, but all it takes is time.
In fact, the guy I went to told me "call back in 2 weeks", I did, there was some complication, so I called back again in another 2 weeks. Guess what, it was finished and fired right and everything. Tested it on site and left, no problems.

Reading through this whole thread, I think that you, Bdot should have been less impatient and smarter. As in, TEST IT ON SITE TO MAKE SURE THERE ARE NO PROBLEMS. On the other hand, I don't understand why a reputed gun doc would give you back a broken gun.
Airsoft guns are toys. Expensive, complicated and sometimes delicate toys.

They are made up of a bunch of small parts (metal and plastic) that are moving about at high speed under significant loads. Very few but the highest end parts are structurally sound. Many parts look the part, but are not made with durability in mind.

So...the base fact remains that they can (and often do) break suddenly...and if they don't break down completely, they will wear out eventually.

There are a number of ways to "hedge" your bets on wear and tear...and setting up a gun to last as long as possible. But again...due to the parts and materials used, they may just simply fail with the next trigger pull.

I agree 100% that when you pickup your gun from your gun doc that YOU should satisfy yourself 100% with all aspects of your gun. Fit/function/etc...

When you leave with your's yours 100%...with the good and the bad. Anything less is he-said-she-said.

When dealing with a gun doc you're buying:
1. Their sum total of knowledge
2. Their access to parts
3. Their best efforts

If you insist of substandard parts, rushed timeframes, and not testing it yourself when "it's all done"...then YOU fail on ensuring that the best job can be done in the first place.

I've got a guy on his way to drop off his gun right now. He wants it working for this Friday/Saturday's games. I have no idea what's wrong with his gun...what it will take to get it working long it'll be. Haven't seen it. I'll explain these very things to him and if he can't deal with it, I'll show him the way out. It's truly not worth the couple of bucks for the potential headaches.
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