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Originally Posted by Freeze View Post
On the other hand, I don't understand why a reputed gun doc would give you back a broken gun.
Many many times a "fixed gun" works fine when tested by the gun doc before it is delivered and "breaks" shortly thereafter

it's happened to me countless times.. sometimes there is an underlying problem that remains diagnosed .. Sometimes new parts fail, sometimes.. it just happens.

it's not the fault of the Tech.. these are toy guns pushed to the limit of performance .. and often beyond.. sometimes they just fly apart..

The best strategy when dealing with Gun docs is to take them the gun.. Tell them when you need it done, ask if that is reasonable .. and then forget about it until you are called and told it is done. The go pay the bill in cash, round up to the nearest $10 ..

and if it breaks again shortly thereafter.. repeat the process.. sometimes the gun Doc will give you a break on the second fix.. but it should not be expected.
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