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Originally Posted by Bizon View Post
So nothing on the A&K mk43?
had one for a while, heavy as shit, reliable for about a month, then the boxmag goes, wiring needs replacing, if you use any gaers/motor other than the original the adjustable fire rate stops working properly, but its easily bypassed. its one saving grace is also its biggest weakness, the mag. 5000 rounds, auto winding. but needs some modifications out of the box to keep it running, a small ammount of ductape and a bit of lube.

i suggest getting the CA M249, I prefer the CA nutsack mags over the MAG, half as many rounds, but its a pressure sensitive autowinding mag and is alot easier to refill than the MAG. but if you can get a working one the CA green boxmags are best. ive had 3 DOA ones.
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