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"Patience is a virtue"

When my gun broke down, I first TRIED to fix it myself. After a month of no success, I spent another 2 weeks putting it back together, then took it to a gun doc. The gun doc spent about a month or so before I could get it back. Cost: $50 + $18 for some parts and stuff.

Total elapsed time without working gun: 2 and a half months.

Geez, calm down, there are some really tricky problems sometimes, but all it takes is time.
In fact, the guy I went to told me "call back in 2 weeks", I did, there was some complication, so I called back again in another 2 weeks. Guess what, it was finished and fired right and everything. Tested it on site and left, no problems.

Reading through this whole thread, I think that you, Bdot should have been less impatient and smarter. As in, TEST IT ON SITE TO MAKE SURE THERE ARE NO PROBLEMS. On the other hand, I don't understand why a reputed gun doc would give you back a broken gun.
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