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I started in july, first gun was a G&G m14 socom max... about 10k rounds through it priced at just under 700 bucks after shipping and tax. Nothing wrong with it, no complaints other than expensive mags.... well and shitty plastic stock, but plastic breaks so it's not unexpected.

Opened it up at the end of the season, it was very well tuned from factory, piston was only starting to show signs of wear, upgraded the spring so it shoots 400 fps instead of 360. Need to install a mosfet to protect the trigger contacts and so I can switch to lipos.

Picked up a used kwa m226 ptp... 400ish bucks... replaced the aluminum slide on it because something was dropped either gun or something onto the slide that bent and cracked corner, still worked fine, but I worry about those things. Shoots like a champ.

picked up a used TM p90... I should've known better on this one... 350ish bucks hasn't worked right in the 4 months I've had it.

just bought a new CA p90 for 450. Works great, just need to get a lighter spring for it and install my mosfet from the TM into it so I can use my lipos with it.
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