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So here's my story. Feel free to laugh out loud and pee a little if ya need. I learned.

I found airsoft by mistake. I was in a local surplus store just looking around when I came across these clear plastic M4's. It turned out they were something called airsoft guns. I had target shot most of my life and hadn't owned a BB or pellet gun for years so I decided for $24.99 It was worth a try. The thing ran off of 6 'AA' betteries, and shot at about 150FPS with .12's. After about 50 batteries and a week, it of course broke. Now I was addicted, and had no idea what I was doing. I went out and spent $120 on a clear DPMS Panther with a cheapo pistol included. About a week later I came across ASC and began to read up on the subject. FAIL.

So the DPMS died of course, but at least now I was somewhat prepared. I saved a bit and got a clearsoft ICS M4($330-ish, still works) to play with while I saved. When I eventually had the money I got myself what I consider my first Real airsoft gun, a DBoys Steel version AK47. I paid $400 and it ran like a champ until I decided I wanted something else.

The point here is these guys know what their talking about. DON'T MAKE MY MISTAKES! save up, get a decent gun and upgrade as you can. It's expensive but worth it.

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