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Hey Everyone! I have been cruising the forums soaking in all the information for a few weeks now but thought I should post here and introduce myself.

My name is Keith and I am from Sarnia Ontario. I am new to Airsoft with a heavy paintball background... I played on an RXL team with a sponsorship but decided to get out of it due to the expenses and it just got too competitive, making the experience less enjoyable.

I have decided to go the GBBR route and I picked up a WE Scar-L, so far I really like it although I know I will probably be at a huge disadvantage unless the rules are semi only. :banghead:

Living in Sarnia means I have to travel an hour to get age verified. I am hoping to get this done sometime soon. Also looking forward to contributing to the forums and hopefully meeting some of you guys at some games!

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