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Originally Posted by Bdot View Post
alright for the last fucking time this is for hackD, white-knight, and all the others who are still making up stupid shit. He only let us dry fire both guns inside his house. They seemed fine until he heard a rattling noise as soon as we got into the car. We got out of the car back into his house asked him wtf was going on and he said everything is fine. We drove back home put bbs in it and realized they wouldnt shoot. Called him back and he knows exactly whats wrong with it? He dry fired it FOR US cus we werent allowed to shoot inside his house cus he obviously knew something was broken. What the fuck do you people not understand? Ur complaining about my english and spelling when u cant even read properly. The 140$ was for his shitty ass service!!!! I had to pay him 500$ for everything if thats easier for u to understand HackD. And ya you dont work on magpul "crap", those are external parts idiot. Its a custom full metal TROY m7 built by a legit, respectful gundoc on here a few years back. Ya its a hobby, one that i dont have the time to learn how to fix every part of a gun. I like to shoot them not build them, wtf is a gun doc for then? I guess to some of you guys its a place to store your guns for a while until he finaly wants to work it and then charge u up the ass. 100/hr gtfo thats pretty sad if anyone would for shit like that, just clearly shows what i have to deal with.
Yeah uh, ok. I'm the idiot now, Bd(i)ot.

I can read perfectly fine.. it just appears that it is your particularly immature brand of engrish, that i am having some painful issues with.

So you paid $140.00 in labor, on $360.00 in parts.. big whoop. Suck it up Chuckles, and learn to turn a screw-driver yourself, to save some money and a gun-doc some grief.. like you have a choice on that now.

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