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To whom it may concerns,

Is it possible on ASC forum to have a normal and polite conversation?
Bdot is overreacting, fine! He called us cunts..... Ok!
Because of his poor way of communication, are we forced to act like him, act as a fool?
Stop making judgments, use intelligence, arguments so it can be constructive, show how ASC is mature and give an example to all noob. Some of you already act like real gentleman and it gives me hope; maybe, some days, there will be no "insults machine"!


To Bdot:

It would be important for you to know the basics of an agreement with a seller; establish a time frame, an approximation of costs, assessment of the work, good communication with the seller, be polite, act like a gentleman and finally respect!

It is possible that there are errors even if Manchovie did some (Personally, I don't know him and I'm not here to judge him), he would not be the only one to blame if you know what I mean (if you don't, you can read again: "respect").

There is always a good way to deal with any kind of issues.

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