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Again he gives us a pathetic answer “how the fuck am i supposed to know whats rattling in your gun it works fine doesnt it?” Well u just had our guns for the past 2 months how the fuck dont you know! We get home put some bbs in it and guess what, they just fall right out maybe 5 feet infront. Call this fucker back and he says “its probably a broken gear or something i dunno.” I start freaking out he hangs up.
Originally Posted by Bdot View Post
Or how about after the fact when i get home, try it out and realize it doesnt shoot? Or how about when i call him back and calmly and respectfully tell him whats wrong and he somehow knows exactly whats wrong with it and seems to not give a shit about doing anything about it?
(see I did read it all)

I LOVE how you keep saying that we didn't read all of your posts and yet you just contradicted yourself. In your first post you said that you freaked out on him until he hung up, now you say that you calmly called him back when your gun broke and respectfully tell him what's wrong
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