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Alright i probably should have added a few things to the op but i thought it was long enough. When i called him back saying the gun isnt working, he literally knew exactly what was wrong without looking at, and then goes and tells me it isnt his fault and says the exact words "what am i supposed to do just give u all your money back?" What do u expect me to do act nice to him??
I acted completely reasonable with him not saying one bad thing or as you say "bitching" until i got no responses from my texts other than him giving us bad news about parts not working, or its not gonna be done, or shit like i should have to pay for nonworking parts. Seriously read my post again and tell if you think that is proper business? He gave it back not even working properly forget all the other shit. Again i didnt start this thread to argue with people just like him!!!
If u all wanna take shots at me cus i started calling names and didnt go about this situation properly ur all forgetting the fact that the last thing the guy says to me is "im lieing about the gun being broken, shouldnt have trusted your dipshit asses."
Its pretty pathetic all u guys can complain about is that im being disrespectful and to chill out when within the first 10 replies half of them are his friends who dont like to read, and the other half are to busy wiping their tears from my so called bitching towards someone they dont even know. Not to mention those who feel the need to complain about spelling.
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