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Now my only questions would be how does this break down? Did Manchovie break down the costs and provide copies of receipts? If you payed him without these your fault. You should have requested these. I myself would ask a gun doc who would work on my gun to record the time/date he started/finished working on any of my guns. And a copy of any costs associated with parts/labour/shipping. Why cause I want to know what I am paying for.

I'm guessing you got excited handed over the cash when't on your merry way and where never a smart consumer. Sure the business should be responsible in part but in the end you walked away confident that you could be sloppy. Manchovie might have assembled your gearbox wrong or didn't tighten your motor all the way simple fixes. When you called him up maybe you could have asked "Hey Manchovie this is Bdot calling you back. Sorry I've been such a bother but my brothers gun is making a weird noise mind if we bring back later and figure it out together. I really want my gun working. And wonder if you could teach me how to fix this in the future."

Heck a buddy of mine traded me a FAMAS recently that only shoots 160 FPS am I mad? No

1. I never asked him what's it shoot before trading it (( my bad))
2. It was bought as is. (( hey just like those over priced used cars on kijiji (remember buy certified, kids)))
3. It's sexy
4. I still got a 'kill' with it.
5. I like it plus I only want to get the FPS around 300. my SCAR-L I traded only shoot 320 yet blows my 385 FPS Masada outta the water.
6. I like it, a simple airseal fix and its good as new (( heck might even employ Manchovie seeing as the majority of you guys recommend him, well that is If I can't fix it myself. ))
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I know that isn't really what you asked, but it's the internet, and I like to type things that don't matter.

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