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Originally Posted by White_knight View Post
BACK THE FUCK UP! you have MAGPUL parts on your gun, holy shit, i had no idea. im sorry i take back every thing i said, i didnt know. a TROY metal body you said? ok i get it now. your right it is awesome.

i can think of threads FULL of guns with magpul shit all over them. thats like saying my guns is awesome cause it has sights
IT's a TROY WITH ALL SORTS OF MAGPULL!! COME ON it's the shit's man.

Ooohh look i have a King Arms Troy too

Here you go you want a dick measuring contest? Just some of my Gundoc's work including Bartek, some of these have been in their individuals possesion for more than a month and these are just a few to mentioned not including all the classic airsoft items and other AEG/GBBR

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