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Wait you bitched at him, blamed him, and complained to him and what Expect him to magically go sorry I'll fix what ever is wrong?

You do know he did that all during his free time for what is probably a small sum for him to keep. And after all that you bitched at him and expected him to want to interact with you? He doesn't need you as a customer so if your gona be a little shit about it. You just screwed yourself! Guess how many gun docs will work on your stuff with a mouth like that? NONE!

I wouldn't. I mean heres the thing. He makes a living sans gun doc. Being a gun doc? Earns a couple extra bucks of lunch money makes the bills a little bit easier. See what i am getting at here?
I deliver Pizza's. When I get a customer that doesn't tip, whines bitches and the like. Well next time I got 4 orders in my car, while I'm burning up my gas, and putting miles on my engine, well they can have their pizza last and enjoy it cold. Why cause the other people might tip. I might make money off them. The butt hurt customer who doesn't understand I'm busting my ass for them can go screw themself. I mean I've crashed 1 car this year so if they don't like it that I'm busy, there is traffic, street lights, and cops out on the road with me. I don't really need to 2 or 3 bucks they might have tipped me.

So heres the thing. He doesn't need you, but you needed him. So swallow your pride and treat him like an another human. Your not a god.
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I know that isn't really what you asked, but it's the internet, and I like to type things that don't matter.

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