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I think the bulk of frasturation comes from this lack of communication:

Originally Posted by Bdot View Post
A week later, on December 2nd he picks up the parts and tells us they will be all ready soon. I ask for him to try and get them finished for my brothers birthday on the 6th, but no reply. I then tell him the absolute latest we can pick them up by is the 16th because we leave on our Christmas trip for 9 days. Over a week goes by with no replies until the 12th when he tells us hes going to have an update this night. Next day he tells us hes having issues with the hop-up not making a seal but he did some research and said he should be able to make it work. I remind him they need to be done by friday, and he tells us not to worry.
There wouldn't have been an issue if he stated right away: "stop messaging me, I'll get back to you later" and "I will get it done in x days" .. not "soon", since soon can be an hour or 3 months..

Amos, back in the day when I sent you my AK you told me upfront, "I'll look at it in a month", which was the "right thing to do".

So, sure Bdot is overreacting, but he has some valid points.

EDIT: Hates gonna hate

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