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YOU is spelled YOU not U

By the way I have read ALL of your posts Every word

Dude take a pill relax.

if he had to order parts they can take weeks perhaps even a month or more to come in. Perhaps he had to wait until he had enough cash to shell out for your parts (until you paid him back)

it is simple dealing with a gun doc....

Example... Amos works on all my guns and he has to order parts. He pays for them and then charges me accordingly. for time and materials. Life is good. I get back a gun that I can trust in and when it fails (and they all fail sometime) then he gets it again for whatever is needed...

Simple rules to deal with a gun tech....

1. Appreciate that he probably has another job that feeds his family and that takes up time.
2. Appreciate that he may not feel like picking up your gun every night sometimes TV time or veg time is more important.
3. Appreciate that he has skill (that you don't have - or don't want to have)
4. Appreciate that he may have other guns to work on.
5. Parts take time to come in (they may come from china or Japan or even the US hell sometimes US shipments can take weeks too..
6. Don't bug the gun tech. I STFU (look it up) and let him do what he does best.
7. have a spare gun to use if you must have work done in the "ON season" in the Off season who cares how long it takes you can't play anyway. but invest in a backup gun as I said EVERYTHING FAILS..... EVERYTHING
8. As amos said Test it at the Gun Doc's place with BB's and with a chrono so you know you have achieved the desired result.
9. DON'T Call them and swear at them. GEEZ that will get you service. i suspect (and I don't know the guy) but I suspect if you had called him and left a nice calm voice mail such as

"Hi. I was testing out my gun at home and the BB's just dribbled out and then it stopped working all together. could I possibly impose on you one more time to have a look at it and let me know if there are issues"

I suspect again (not knowing him) he would have happily gone out of his way to assist you. but instead you chose to yell and throw a tantrum and well you see where that got you...

indeed you do get more flies with honey then with a stick and guess what.... Kind words get you good results.


please stop saying "u" when you mean "you" this is not text messaging here

Remember the guy

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