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Some people here know me, more from games then the boards as i don't normally post. i have never really met manchovie to my knowledge, however i am aware of his reputation as a veteran of the community and his work as a gun doc. if you had of been less hostile right of the bat i may have seen your side. i have read your ENTIRE post and all others after it on every page and i find it insulting and ridiculous, your acting like a child instead of dealing with it like an adult. If you had of done this in any other situation in public chances are you would have a broken nose or worse but thats a different matter. I've read that it was dry fired in his house( WITH NO COMPLAINT THERE IN) and then you went to the car and dry fired it there was a rattle. first off WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING PLAYING WITH IT IN THE CAR, your an idiot, second off if it was fine in his house you left his property before a problem, in any form of tech support job, that no longer leaves the fixer obligated as it worked when handed to you, nor did you request to fire it properly at his house to make sure (as your statement doesn't say so). As far as bartek coming in here to chime in, doubt it will happen as all the veterans of the community know full well how that turns out in a dispute thread. (ex... bordensniper) it just fly's out of control and bans get handed out. respect goes a long way bdot, instead of getting aggressive you should have tried to solve in personally before the boards publicly. and NO tech would reimburse full cost, labour yes, parts NO, the gun may not be fixed but the parts are YOURS. if i ever host a game again you are not welcome at them and that goes for Gato as well., have a good day sir, next time we meet it will probably be at the gallows.
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