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Look, if you think you got ripped off, and you think you're the better man, than act like it. Only fools fight fire with fire. If you've been wronged, lay out exactly why you think so in a civil manner. Then, if Manchovie barges in here slinging shit at you (unlikely), we'll all know what's up. If you're the one who's at fault, what you've done will also quickly become evident. Perhaps there was a misunderstanding somewhere in the process. These things happen, and as you clearly think you're the better man, why don't you do the honourable thing and calmly work out the kinks?

Originally Posted by Bdot View Post
I told him i needed the guns on a certain date before the guy even ordered the parts. And dont give me the excuse hes got a life outside airsoft and i shouldnt be giving him a time frame. I gave him a time frame of 2 months ahead of time for 8 hours of work. Which all of it supposedly were on the nights before i told him i had to leave on a vacation. Not only that but he didnt even put it together properly!!
And then i shit from him after i realize its broken and he doesnt even wanna give me my money back or even fix it properly a second time. Ur all saying im being disrespectful to the guy, but actually hes the one who called us names and gave us nothing to be thankful for. Should i really be respectful to the guy who denied breaking my gun and then gave me a hassle while trying to get reimbursed?
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