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I told him i needed the guns on a certain date before the guy even ordered the parts. And dont give me the excuse hes got a life outside airsoft and i shouldnt be giving him a time frame. I gave him a time frame of 2 months ahead of time for 8 hours of work. Which all of it supposedly were on the nights before i told him i had to leave on a vacation. Not only that but he didnt even put it together properly!!
And then i shit from him after i realize its broken and he doesnt even wanna give me my money back or even fix it properly a second time. Ur all saying im being disrespectful to the guy, but actually hes the one who called us names and gave us nothing to be thankful for. Should i really be respectful to the guy who denied breaking my gun and then gave me a hassle while trying to get reimbursed?
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