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Originally Posted by Bdot View Post
Im only calling the ones "cunts" who arent bothering to read it all and are just siding with him cus they know him. Most of you say i should learn on my own if i dont wanna pay 140$?? That has nothing to do it, i would have had no problem paying him that if actually gave me proper service or even a working gun!!!
And wft are u talking about crappy guns the m7s probably better than alot of guns u have seen. Again more nonsense bs from people who dont like to read.
To the people who dont know him and are just tuning into this stupid mess, how would u all like it if you gave a RESPECTED gun doc a couple grand worth of material only to let it sit in house until he finally decides to look at it and then tells you he cant get half of the parts to work?? And then find out at the last min parts are broken in both guns while the RESPECTED gun doc is lieing to your face??

PROVE THAT YOUR GUNS ARE NOT SHIT, learning on your own has alot to do with it how do you know what hes is doing if you dont even know how it functions

and buddy i have held thousand dollar guns and im having one built for me too,

and you said your self he did it in his free time so of course its going to sit

you are right we probably wouldnt like it if that happened to us but if it did we would have proof that it happened rather then wasting peoples time bitching

and you still have not given any negitive feed back so stop lieing and being an attention whore this didnt happen deal with it
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