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Bdot your lucky you where not hit with a lawsuit for harassment

i have taken my gear box appart multiple times it does take an hour to take fully appart rebuilding takes even longer

if you want i will swap a spring for you right in front of you and you will see how long it take or better yet try it your self you will be paying someone to put it back together for you

why are you even bitching your not AVed yet and your saying that you have guns, for all we know your some 13 year old bitching because you dont even know the mechanics of the guns

its shooting at 320fps... So really all that manchovie did for a hefty 70$ to the m7 was install the 3 parts(barrel, hop-up, spring) in 2 MONTHS and let it break in his hands without telling us. Who knows if he even put the new spring in cus he never gave us our old parts back saying theyr “garbage and useless” and he told us he chronied it at 360fps(lie).
you are a moron unless you have spent around 150 in PARTS you will not have an accurate reading on the chrono my TM M733 shoots between 202 and 282 fps throughout 10 shots

At first i dont even know what to think cus now “supposedly” he disassembled and reassembled BOTH guns while swapping the barrels in each so that the shorter one was now in the mp5 all in under 2 hours. We know it clearly means he lieing about the time it takes him, which we thought in the first place, or hes lieing about actually working on them that night. I text him this calling him out once again and he has the nerve to tell me “its late because i have a fucking life and this is the only time i have to work on them, I should be asleep and u should be grateful.” I dont bother to say anything cus words arent exactly what i wanted to give him.
do you have any proof that he is lieing you didnt post the texts if you thought you where being scammed you would have recorded your calls to him and called the police

but clearly you didnt another nail in the coffin that your under age and cant LEGALLY own an airsoft gun

how do we know these mp5s are not cheap bass pro shop shit guns that you are trying to make amazing, you can shine shit all you want its still shit you say that its a custom and a TM but how do we know that there is no proof

We checked out his page again and realize he was the most well known gun doc we messaged and see that hes worked on over 100 guns and has over 60 positive feedbacks.
if he is well known dont you think he knows what he is doing

there are gun docs on here that have even high positive feed backs

I remind him they need to be done by friday,
you should know that you dont give gun docs if you want things done right it takes time "rome wasnt built in a day"

m7 was install the 3 parts(barrel, hop-up, spring) in 2 MONTHS
did you ever think he may have had to order the parts

you are just wanting to bitch about the things you dont understand you would probably buy a car and in the winter bitch that it take a few more seconds to start then it did when you bought it in the summer

you have no proof there for this did not happen now stop bitching and start by getting AVed first you have been on here almost 2 years and you have not been aved yet you are clearly under age

you havent even given him bad feed back there for this didnt happen so stop lieing

Just cus im not age verified u think im some kid? Age verification is gona make me a better customer, airsoft player, why does that matter?
being aved is the way we know that you are trust worthy

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