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Originally Posted by Bdot View Post
Just cus im not age verified u think im some kid? Age verification is gona make me a better customer, airsoft player, why does that matter? I paid him a shit load of money for basically very little work. Just cus hes respected on here doesnt make him exempt from giving someone bad service. Oh i only insulted him as much as he insulted me. I acted completely reasonable with him until i got the guns back and found out they were BROKEN!! Like i said i went to TORONTO AIRSOFT to fix it and told them the whole situation. They are located right down the street from his house and for some reason nobody there heard of him other than the doc who fixed my gun and all he said was the guys good with pistols. After hearing the WHOLE story they all expressed my anger and distress towrads this.
Why dont you all start reading again from the 4th last paragraph since most of u probably didnt bother reading any of it. But ofcourse take his side cus u know him and not me. Where do u all get off saying i shouldnt be contacting him asking for updates? If it takes a month for him to finally order parts and start working on them i have more than enough reason to contact him until he shows me something productive. I didnt get a word from him for weeks straight after he tells me again and again hes going to finally look at them, hes finally ordering the parts, hes finally going to put them together the night before i need to come pick them up. Sure he has a life outside airsoft, but after a month you would think he would find some time.

Please people all your replies are im good friends with him hes done a great job on my gun, well this isnt your gun or your situation so if your just gona post bs about your experience with him gtfo of this thread.
Buddy, All of Toronto Airsoft staff and Frank included weren't around as long as Bartek has. Do you know what is involved in taking apart an AEG?? trust me $140 is not a lot of money especially for two AEGs, going rate is $40/hr and some charge as much as $60/hr for the hassle and pain in the ass as mating different parts in a mechbox may or may not work as it supposed to be. Working on an aeg with mixed parts is like waiting for a call girl to your place, you'll never know the quality till she shows up on the door even then you better pray for the best, I have bought the best parts money can buy for a complete mechbox only to find a little over half will work, and the rest produce some sort of issue. Comparing the fully stocked Toronto Airsoft repair room vs Bartek apartment is a moot point TA have all the parts that they need to make shit works Bartek have to get the parts.
Just so that you don't think we are picking on you Bartek have taken my M240B and resolve the issue that I was having that my other two gundoc can't fix the amount of parts and frustration I have with this AEG has gone far beyond the $400 mark, and borderline about to toss the whole fucking thing in the garbage bin, Bartek not only fix the issue he saw some wiring that is not right and fixed it too without being asked..... you know how long that AEG been at his place?? over a month during that month we had two big ops that I can definitely used the extra firepower, did I hound him everyday? No in fact he hounded me to pick the gun up from him. You coming on here bitching and cursing everyone here that have tried to make sense into your issue is an act of a little whinny kid you could have resolve the issue with Bartek one on one, and many here can vouch that he has been more than a reasonable person if it were others things would have not gone your way.

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