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Originally Posted by Bdot View Post
Why dont you all start reading again from the 4th last paragraph since most of u probably didnt bother reading any of it. But ofcourse take his side cus u know him and not me. Where do u all get off saying i shouldnt be contacting him asking for updates? If it takes a month for him to finally order parts and start working on them i have more than enough reason to contact him until he shows me something productive. I didnt get a word from him for weeks straight after he tells me again and again hes going to finally look at them, hes finally ordering the parts, hes finally going to put them together the night before i need to come pick them up. Sure he has a life outside airsoft, but after a month you would think he would find some time.

Please people all your replies are im good friends with him hes done a great job on my gun, well this isnt your gun or your situation so if your just gona post bs about your experience with him gtfo of this thread.
why do you just assume that we dont agree with you because we didnt read your post all the way through. i read every last word and still have the same opinion, and why would you not want hear anyone else's opinion who has had great experiences from him. why make this thread at all if you didnt want replys to it. thats like me saying i hate bacon and eveyone that likes bacon can fuck off cause i dont want to hear it. again im not his friend, dont know who he is, i read ALL of your posts and still think your acting like an ass
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