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Originally Posted by Amos View Post
Lol. This may be the first thread where the person who's bringing up the "beware of ___" gets banned instead of the "offending" party.

Re-read what I said. When you're able to handle a problem with a cool head and in a respectful manner... You'll get MUCH farther.

Do you honestly think that people have time to work on things every day?

When you build an airsoft gun, MOST people will try to do it all in one sitting... That means you've got to find a time where you've got quite a few hours of nothing coming up... For most people, finding a block of 5+ hours of free time isn't an easy task.
next time youtube and google will be your friend, if you call this a hobby treat it like one, not some entitled brat. sit down open it up and learn. then if your actually stuck. call up a doc. a barrel hop up unit and spring isnt exactly brain surgery
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