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Originally Posted by Bdot View Post
Ill be waiting here patiently for more of your fruity bullshit excuses BARTEK, LMAO!!!! Hope u never get a customer again.
I've known Manchovie for years, he's an excellent gun tech, full stop.

it is people like you who drive gun techs out of the business.

Most only do work for people they know, because you never know if your next client will be like you are.

$140 for 8 hours skilled labour? really.. he undercharged you by 70%

This is also why most gun techs give it up... most people won't pay a fair rate for the work.

Standard rate for this kind of work should be $50 to look at the gun, $40 An hour for labour + parts.

I expect Manchovie feels worse about this than you do... you're pissed, he did not get paid enough to deal with your behavior.. and all this is getting aired out in public.
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