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Originally Posted by Bdot View Post
alright awesome the first replies obviously have to be from his freinds to back him up. Im not new to this site or airsoft actually, i just dont live for airsoft like u all do, its a hobby and when i put alot of money into it i expect good results. When i message someone to put in a few basic parts in a reasonable period of time, thats what i expect. Why should i trust someone i dont know with over a thousand dollars worth of product when i get no replies and a bunch of lies and excuses. There wouldnt have been any constant messaging if he did what he said he was going to do.
You guys probably quit after the first paragraph. He didnt do anything he said he would and gave us A BROKEN GUN after 2 months then denied it being broken. Oh and this guy defenitly didnt have ALOT of work to do AMOS cus he said it himself he spent all of his "free time" on our guns. He told me it took him 8 hours to do everything. Thats like half an hour a day, and i had to pay him 140 fucking dollars for it.
Why dont you read the post first before u all act like know-it-all cunts who back up their boyfriend.
$140 in labour is a fucking deal, if you hate to pay the gundocs for their time then learn to do the shit yourself as far as calling us know it all cunts backing up their boyfriend... who the fuck are you?? Some of us have trusted Bartek to leave our broken AEG with him way before your time and we are not talking about some cheap ass clone either. As far as his rep as a gundoc, there are a few here in ASC that I trust to serviced my AEG/GBB/GBBR and he is one of them, I'm willing to bet you the shit I gave to some of these gundocs to fix is far worse that what most of the members here have seen and you know what?? all of them came back with no issue, as for $140 for two guns....shit I'll gladly pay twice that to avoid the headache fixing the shit myself. Sounds like you need a big dose of man the fuck up. keep in mind that these gundocs DO have jobs outside these boards and they DO have other priorities other than getting Bdot guns fixed so he can go on his vacations.

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