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Originally Posted by White_knight View Post
i read ALL of your post, and i have never met or delt with your gun doc. im not his friend nor do i even KNOW him other then seeing his posts on the forum, and trust me its you that comes off as the cunt. you come here bitching that someone didnt fix your toy quickly enough when you harrased him 24 hours a day, every day then call us cunts for not agreeing with you?

take a step back and get your head out of your ass
+1. I've never even met the guy. Could be a sheep typing away at a computer for all I know. The point is, up until your second post, you had some respected members of the community being VERY generous to you, despite your poor treatment of others. It'll do you no good to disrespect some more people simply for telling you to calm down. Seriously, be calm and civil, and things will work themselves out.
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