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Originally Posted by Bdot View Post
You guys probably quit after the first paragraph. He didnt do anything he said he would and gave us A BROKEN GUN after 2 months then denied it being broken. Oh and this guy defenitly didnt have ALOT of work to do AMOS cus he said it himself he spent all of his "free time" on our guns. He told me it took him 8 hours to do everything. Thats like half an hour a day, and i had to pay him 140 fucking dollars for it.
Why dont you read the post first before u all act like know-it-all cunts who back up their boyfriend.
i read ALL of your post, and i have never met or delt with your gun doc. im not his friend nor do i even KNOW him other then seeing his posts on the forum, and trust me its you that comes off as the cunt. you come here bitching that someone didnt fix your toy quickly enough when you harrased him 24 hours a day, every day then call us cunts for not agreeing with you?

take a step back and get your head out of your ass
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