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I understand you may be frustrated at your gun's problems, but you're way out of line in the way you dealt with your gun doc. You think you're the only one who's requested his services? You think just because you've flashed your cash, he'll drop everything else in his life to rescue your AEG? No, and you knew that to begin with. It sounds like you were hounding the guy. In addition, have you ever taken apart a gun? Most people have, and don't kid yourself, it's no easy task. It doesn't matter if you've done it a hundred times. It's a messy business. There's grease everywhere, overly-cocked springs that fly out at you, a million little bits that'll test the best modeler's patience, and so on. If an experienced gun doc says your gun is a pain in the ass to take apart, and you disagree, why aren't you doing it yourself? Do you go to a doctor and tell him his diagnosis of your disease is wrong? So that's you.

As to whether or not the gun was fixed, and when any additional problems may have occurred, have you consulted any other experienced parties? ASC has many avenues of dispute you could have pursued before dragging someone's name through the mud. I'll admit, you're not going to get fair treatment here; you're calling out a veteran who's damn well respected. But you should have expected as much, from your confrontational attitude towards the situation. You'd better have all your ducks in line (which you probably don't) if you want to continue this line of discussion. Do the smart thing and settle it like a civilized person, before the admins come in here and force the same thing on you. And they're nowhere near as nice as any of the previous posters have been.
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