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Angry Beware of manchovie!!!

Hey guys first off i wish you all a happy holidays and new year!!

Im making this thread to tell you guys my very disappointing and truly unacceptable experience i had with one of the gun docs i found on this site. I dont know if this is the right section to be posting this in, but i believe it does need its own thread and that everyone should know what i had to go through so it doesnt happen to anyone else.

My brother and i both had a gun that needed to be worked on, mine being a tokyo marui mp5 and my brothers is a custom built troy m7a1. We were wanting a few very basic parts to increase the velocity and accuracy in each gun. Since we dont know how to put any of these parts in we decided to find a gun doc to help us out.

After messaging a bunch of guys who lived in our area, we got a response from someone named MANCHOVIE a few days later saying he'd be happily willing to work on them. We checked out his page again and realize he was the most well known gun doc we messaged and see that hes worked on over 100 guns and has over 60 positive feedbacks. We message him back, he gives us his number and we end up setting a date to drop off our guns. It was October 21st when we drove down to his house, showed him the guns and told him what we would like to be done. He said there would be no problem and after he opens them up he would give us his opinion on what he thinks would be best for them. He seemed like a nice and helpful guy and that he knew a lot about airsoft, which he should. We left them with him and went our way.

A couple days pass without hearing from him, which is understandable, we decide to text him and see whats going on. He said he was out of town and would get a chance to look at them sometime this week. Two weeks and a bit goes by without hearing from him other than a response to getting a silencer, so we text him again. The next day he tells us he sent us a report over asc although our inbox in empty. He “resends” it and it says the mp5 needs a new tappet plate which broke and is jamming the gears, and the m7 is shooting great and recommends getting a new spring and a grease/reshim. Other than those parts he tells us to give him a list of anything else we wanted off of and he can get it fast. We send him a list of parts the same day.

Days go by without hearing from him so again we have to text him. He tells us he plans to do more tests to make sure he gets everything we need and he should order it by tonight. Another week goes by without a reply to any of our texts and not knowing if he ordered it yet. We continue to text him everyday until we finally get a message on asc a few days later saying that hes having troubles with disassembling and reassembling the m7 because of the custom wiring job and that he needs to resolder them every time he takes it apart. Why are we just hearing this now when supposedly hes already taken them apart?? Ok we realize its a little extra work but nothing to worry about, especially that fact that really it only needs to be done no more than a couple times. He also says he didnt order the parts yet because he wanted to know if we wanted to rewire everything to a pouch on the stock. Uh no thanks we paid 80 bucks for the king arms peq box, plus 2 custom king arms 9.6v batteries and thats just going to cost us more money. After telling him this and few more days of waiting he finally texts us with the price of the parts and everything matches up. We ordered very basic parts including springs and barrels for each, a new hop-up for the m7 and a 3-lug silencer for the mp5.

A week later, on December 2nd he picks up the parts and tells us they will be all ready soon. I ask for him to try and get them finished for my brothers birthday on the 6th, but no reply. I then tell him the absolute latest we can pick them up by is the 16th because we leave on our Christmas trip for 9 days. Over a week goes by with no replies until the 12th when he tells us hes going to have an update this night. Next day he tells us hes having issues with the hop-up not making a seal but he did some research and said he should be able to make it work. I remind him they need to be done by friday, and he tells us not to worry.

Two days later he tells us the silencer isnt going to work on the mp5 and he hasnt worked on any internals because supposedly it takes “forever” to disassemble these guns. Im not a gun doc but even i know it doesnt nearly take as long as he says. He also now says the m7 is working very well disassembled shooting at 360fps, not sure how thats possible. I then ask him how long the new barrel is going to stick out of the mp5 since i dont want the silencer cus it doesnt work. He starts to go off saying i need to give him a great reason why i shouldnt have to pay for the 90$ silencer both he and the website said should work. I specifically asked him if it would work and he said of course, whole reason why we got a gun doc. Why would i buy a part that wont work, and if for some reason i did i would return it, which is impossible in this case since he used his credit card. I make sure to let him know they need to be done and again he tells me its a pain and takes forever to assemble the guns. How many times is this guy taking these things apart???

Well this is now the day before were supposed to pick them up and after several texts with a reply at midnight when he calls me saying theres no way hes getting them done for tomroro and that he has to go to Montreal all of a sudden for a funeral. Obviously im pissed off finding this out the morning of, but since hes going to a funeral i back off as much as i can and tell him were going to delay our trip until tuesday and pick them up then cus theres no way were leaving without them. Everythings fine and he says hes going to call us when he gets back on sunday.

Monday rolls around and we dont hear from him until 11 that night after several texts and no replies. He goes and tells us the mp5 is working nice but theres a crack in the hop-up but it should be fine!! Again why the fuck am i hearing this now, well probably cus he broke it last min while he was messing around. Its also shooting a little low so he has to swap the springs. Thought he already did that?? We ask him if hes going to get everything done because again this is the morning of. He texts me “We’ll see. Wish me luck.” Now im getting really pissed off since i told this guy numerous times we need to come tomroro cus we cant delay our trip again. Now this is where everything gets really fucked up.

An hour later he texts me saying “the mp5 is done and now onto the m7.” How is that possible if he told us it takes him forever to assemble these guns? So in an hour he ‘‘supposedly’’ disassembled it, swapped the springs and reassembled it. Well we know now hes been lieing about something. I text him back calling him out on this lie and he replies to me saying “Relax, i have no idea what your freaking out about.” I text him back saying im not freaking out i just wana know there gonna be done this time. Im already really pissed and it gets even worse when he tells me “how the hell am i supposed to know if theyl get done? all i can do is hope for the best and you being on my dick isnt helping.” No more than 10 minutes later “M7 is finished both guns shooting primo.”

At first i dont even know what to think cus now “supposedly” he disassembled and reassembled BOTH guns while swapping the barrels in each so that the shorter one was now in the mp5 all in under 2 hours. We know it clearly means he lieing about the time it takes him, which we thought in the first place, or hes lieing about actually working on them that night. I text him this calling him out once again and he has the nerve to tell me “its late because i have a fucking life and this is the only time i have to work on them, I should be asleep and u should be grateful.” I dont bother to say anything cus words arent exactly what i wanted to give him.

The next day we go to his house and he shows us the guns and test fires them dry without any bbs. They seem to work fine so we give him all the money he asked for. The only thing he says of value is i should be paying for the silencer. Nothing about delaying our trip or taking forever to do this. We go out to the car and my brother realizes theres a rattling noise in the handle every time he shoots. We go back to him and ask him what it is. Again he gives us a pathetic answer “how the fuck am i supposed to know whats rattling in your gun it works fine doesnt it?” Well u just had our guns for the past 2 months how the fuck dont you know! We get home put some bbs in it and guess what, they just fall right out maybe 5 feet infront. Call this fucker back and he says “its probably a broken gear or something i dunno.” I start freaking out he hangs up. Try a few more shots than all of a sudden doesnt even make a noise when you pull the trigger. Well i guess that rattling noise was the broken gear he never told us about. I call him back until he finally decides to pick up after multiple tries. He goes on saying “they worked fine at my house, you guys were the ones who broke something” and a bunch of other bullshit i didnt even bother to listen to. I finally get him to be somewhat reasonable and tells me he will call me after hes done work.

He texts me later saying hes going to reimburse us with half of the service fee, which is 70$. We already thought 140$ for his shitty service was way to much to begin with but we agree on it cus i didnt even wanna deal with the guy anymore. We end up bringing the m7 to Toronto Airsoft to get repaired before we leave, by the way big props to them! When we get back he tells us the gear was broken, obviously, the inside was bone dry, and its shooting at 320fps... So really all that manchovie did for a hefty 70$ to the m7 was install the 3 parts(barrel, hop-up, spring) in 2 MONTHS and let it break in his hands without telling us. Who knows if he even put the new spring in cus he never gave us our old parts back saying theyr “garbage and useless” and he told us he chronied it at 360fps(lie). I text this joke all this and the last thing he says to me “thanks for implying im a scammer. your guns are probably working PERFECTLY just like when i had and chronied them. I should have checked if the m7 was even broken before trusting your dipshit asses. Enjoy the cash and the fruits of your bullshit.” All while we we’re at Toronto Airsoft getting our gun back...

Well he thinks it ended there, but i hope this thread keeps everyone away from this lazy scamming asshole. Everyone stay away from MANCHOVIE cus nobody deserves this pathetic display of poor business and disrespect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ill be waiting here patiently for more of your fruity bullshit excuses BARTEK, LMAO!!!! Hope u never get a customer again.
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