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Itar 101???

DISCLAIMER: I am asking this just out of curiosity. I DON'T want to start a flame war or anything, so please just answer the question or don't say anything. Mods: if this is in the wrong section, then feel free to move it.

What I want to know is ITAR, why does it exist, and how can one country dictate what every other country does with hardware from the us?
What i mean is, lets say that country X buys a ITAR controlled aircraft (for example) from a us company. I know the us company has to get export authorization, but once country X has the plane, why do they have to get export authorization if THEY want to transfer it? How is it the US's business once it is out of the country?

Moreover, why do countries go along with ITAR if it's such a pain in the a** for them? US companies have to by law, but after that, why do states still follow the ITAR regulations?

It's bad when you go on ebay and can't buy a FLASHLIGHT because of "export regulations"

Just wondering

Please don't flame, just help me out
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