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first gun ever - CA G36K, $650
used marui G3-SG1, about $900 after upgrades, mags, and metal receiver
G&G UMG, like $500 or something
G&P M4 RASII, $600, put like $2000 into that rifle, magpul everything M203, LiPo upgrade, only thing left stock was a few body pins, half the outer barrel and the mechbox shell
G&P M249 para, won't tell you what I paid but they were $1800 back then. I've put about $900 into it now with internals, spare box, LiPo upgrade etc.
HFC beretta, I got for free for helping out a retailer
HFC Cougar, $300, just bought it to try it out
marui VSR-10, actually one of the less expensive guns I've owned at only $800 for everything
marui MEU, oh god like $900
WE PDW open bolt, $1000 or so
KSC glock 19, $300

And my PTW is still being built...
I've also bought 5 or 6 AEG's over time from $200 to $400 just to fix up and sell

Fact is, if you really like airsoft and think you'll be playing a long time, save up and buy something GOOD that's compatible with aftermarket internals and externals. You buy a $200 plastic gun, it's more expensive to upgrade to metal than buying a whole new metal gun, it may not be compatible with most externals, etc etc.
It's just better to buy mainstream guns.
Oh and AEGs are less expensive now than the first 3 years that I started, there's WAY more selection, and more than just 2 good brands
One year the only thing you could get was chinese crap, the year after you could only get clear receiver crap, now almost everything is available.
You noobs got it EASY these days.

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