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The guns? They're expensive. But the stuff that goes with them costs more. I started out with a P90 (about 500, I think), and now use SIG rifles. Fake bullets cost extra dough. I'm really jealous of those 10 packs of AR mags people get for pocket change. Back then, I had to cough up tons of dough just for single P90 pouches. Nowadays, the accessories still cost me more, but only because I have odd taste. I have an RE pistol sitting on my desk that I've only brought to one game and didn't fire. Bought because I'm a fanboy. I have a shotgun where the stock cost almost as much as the gun itself, clocking in near the $700 mark. Then I had to get the gear to game with it. Now I've got another AEG that only uses drums. More new pouches. My other rifle is out of commission right now, but I bought another shotgun just to cut up and mount underneath it. Then I had to get rails for it.

My workhorse pistol, I can't even bear the thought of leaving stock anymore, so that's getting up to the 1 K mark, last time I checked. Still, I feel underequipped compared to most people at games, who have more value in attachments than I do in actual guns.
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