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Originally Posted by Heerven View Post
In my idea first, I just want to remove the hop up and compensate by another system more simple and more realistic. if we can gain other performance without increase the velocity... why not.
Same weight projectile.. same velocity .. without the lift effect of the backspin
creating low pressure above the bb and high below it .. the only effect on the BB is gravity..

spinning something around it's axis does not provide this lift.. so gravity would have no countering force .. the only advantage would be less resistance due to the conical shape.. and in such a light projectile this advantage is negligible.

it's a interesting thought exercise.. but just a little bit of math ( even done conceptually without calculation ) soon results in it's rejection

this is even before you consider the ramifications of a pointed projectile for close range engagements.. people would tire quickly of digging these things out of their flesh.

any "improved" projectile needs to take into consideration the full scale of possible impacts with skin form 0 feet to maximum distance.

your concept fails in this regard
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