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Originally Posted by Heerven View Post
the safe velocity limitation for shooting people.
You don't understand. I don't want to increase the velocity but keep it for longer

If you Don't want people sidestepping.. wait till you are closer to shoot them..
Really... most people at outdoor airsoft games close to the maximum effective range of their guns.. and then plink at each other...

With effective fire and movement and proper use of suppressing fire. you can close to close range and be certain of your shots.

But this requires co-ordination and acceptance of command.

Airsoft guns are poor tools to simulate engagements in a field setting.. even if you doubled the range of all guns all you do is push the same problem downrange by another 100 feet. so instead of people sidestepping your shoots at 100 feet they would do it at 200 feet.. what did you achieve?
nothing useful.

The guns present certain limitations.. these limitations can be overcome by skill. If you choose to take the time to develop it.
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