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Originally Posted by Heerven View Post
Since I started to get more into milsim with my KJW GBBR I was wondering if there is a possibility with real cap mag, to have a new design for BBs and get rid of the hop up.
The idea is simple:
Use a conical (6mm) bullet to have more aerodynamic potential.
I m not a specialist of guns or aerodynamic system thatís why I want your opinion
Correct me if I Ďm wrong, but could a conical bulllet keep her speed much longer and by consequence go further?
Does the gain in drag effect will compensate the hop up effect? That also mean the BB will hit his target faster at 100 feet for exemple instead of having this current situation of people avoiding slow BB because of the hop up, just doing one step aside.
With still the round tip of the bullet (more like the real 9 mm) I guess we still keeping a low penetration effect (trough skin) and stay safe.
You add the twisted barrel like the real one can also improve the aerodynamic, if Iím right.

What do you think ? Could it be the next generation of BB for real cap?
I've seen other ideas like this before and answer simply put is yes somebody already has done what ur suggesting (kind of...) and no there are no real cap mags that can utillise them as yet for m4 based airsoft guns... at least that i know of and what i don't know could fill a barn or 2 so pplease feel free to correct me if i' wrong there.

if u look a4ound enough u'll eventually find info on here somewhere about bb's that were oval cross-section with a little tail designed for use in breach loading sniper rifles
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