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Originally Posted by cleveland33 View Post
thank you for the support guy, it means a lot. My maturity level is quite high and i have to problem with calling hits and so forth. I play by the rules. I was wondering if anybody could help me out with getting into a few games, i do have a parent i can strap to me side. Thanks for the support

Hey Clevland.

I am one of the lucky ones helping put together the games at SOF. I really appreciate MaciekA and a few of the others stepping in on the support here. They are all correct and perhaps if you want you can PM me on this subject.

Dave who is the main organizer of the games, GFH, is pretty good for this this and we have had a few younger guys like yourself in the games.

It all comes down to making sure we meet with your parent or guardian when you show up for conscent. There are several safety rules we will need to pass on to you and again this will be confirmed with your parent guradian.

Most of the games have players between 19 and 40, but we do have some with the odd younger guy like you.

Ironically we have only had one issue at our games in the last 10 weeks, however that had nothing to do with a younger kid, but rather a team that showed that needed an education on calling hits. They have not returned, and since then I would be shocked to hear if there is any feedback other than what you read here on the games at SOF.

You will find the people at our games might be very geared up, but many like me, have kids, and/or remember we were new to this game once as well, and I am certain you will be treated with absolute respect.

If you have any another questions on games/or gear for this spring let me know.

Keep you chin up!
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