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First off, I understand the concern for safety and all that, but calling an airsoft pistol a firearm seems a tad far fetched to me. Secondly, as far as I can remember, you need 2 locks for a pistol. 1 trigger lock on the pistol and the pistol locked up in a pistol case or some other form of locked "container". Those are the requirements for real steel, not Airsoft pistols (although it's a good idea for safety reasons in Airsoft, but not so you don't get arrested for having a BB pistol) Thirdly, can they really cuff you and take you in for an airsfot gun????? What are they playing at? I can understand if you started waving it at them screaming "hey, look at my cool airsoft pistol!!!", then I can see cause for arrest, but to tell you that you would be cuffed and put in the back of the cruiser just for having a bloody BB gun is absurd (IMO). If you simply said what you originally said and they found it without a trigger lock, I'm sure they wouldn't have cuffed you, or would they have? It's always good practice to keep your pistols and AEG's in cases, but I think more for safety reasons and not for legal reasons. Can anyone who actually knows the law comment on this? Am I being a little too naive to be a little frustrated by what those cops said??

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