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Hi! I got Element's response this morning. Please note: if you don't see the product you asked for on the list of 23 items I sent them, it's because I only aked about products that more than 3 people wanted; this same thread has been posted in 4 different forums. Sorry if your wish didn't make it on the list. If you feel it reall has chances (comecrially speaking) get a few people together, make a good description of it and PM it to me, Ill forward it to Element.

On to the response: about half of the ideas have been discarded inmediately. Big bummer, I know.
Regarding a few products, they asked for more information, pictures and stuff. Please help by posting what you got on these.

Here's the response:

1. SR-47 metal body and hop up.

Comments: sensitive?in chinese mainland? and more difficult to re-design their own T head and gilded, but also to produce NOZZLE, is costly, but the market does very much big as CAT *suitcase* ONE like to buy this kit, this kit out of Taiwan many years, the main difficulty lies in its unique universal T-head structure (curved bullet cups), so we might consider doing tonic T head, but the price is not cheap to sell .

2. HK417 conversion kit. If you do this before VFC makes their HK417 (the 7.62 mm version of the HK416) and Dboys clones it, you'll be the Kings of airsoft. If you can make this kit to use a regular version 2 gearbox with long nozzle, instead of SR25 gearbox, it will be godlike. Remember: you only need to clone the Body, magazine, grip and outer barrel, the rest can be bought or used from and HK416.

Comments: sensitive?in chinese mainland??we can not produce.

3. MP5-10/40 Mags/Conversion kit and UMP-9 Mags/Conversion Kit for MP5. You just need to make a magwell that takes these magazines.

Comments: can you provied more info to us,because we are more difficult to obtain this data.

4. Surefire X200, Streamlight TLR1 or TLR3, Surefire 310R for 1911, but also the models for P226

Comments: we will make them.

5. AN/PRC-117 radio or PRC 148, like the one made by spartan, but working. The dummy radios should be able to take most walkie-talkie.

Comments:Costly, not to consider

6. AK body with flat and straight M4 stock adapter, like the Beta Project Tactical AK:

Comments: sensitive?in chinese mainland??we can not produce.

7. AK grip adapter for M4/M16 style grips, especially for the Magpul MIAD grip (for the Magpul MAG-K custom gun).

Comments: for GBB,but not considered now.

8. Working Generation 1 NVGs. Actually cheap and if they work, you could sell them by millions. You can use existing chinese, american or russian technology.

Comments: we will make it on 2012. gen ii

9. Infrared lasers and lights.

Comments : we have some these items.

10. Conversion kits for the Marui and clones VSR sniper rifle to convert them modern versions like the US Marines M40A3 rifle or to a K98, a SMLE, a Mosin Nagant.

Comments: sensitive?in chinese mainland??we can not produce.

11. Long magazine for almost all popular Gas blowback pistols: Marui 1911 and clones, PX4, P226, etc.

Comments : we will consider this items.can you provide more info to us?thanks

12. Wilcox rails for Marui and KSC MP7:

Conments: more dificult.not to consider.

13. Branham FN SCAR extended rail:

Comments: will make it.

14. 7.62 mm coversion kit for M249 (feed tray cover, feed tray and heavy barrel, box magazine and bipod. The last two are optional.) to make a custom MK48.

Comments : the most difficult

15. LMT LM7/L129a1 conversion kit for SR25.

Comments : will consider carefully.

16. Short AK mid/low cap magazine.

Comments: can you give me more info about it?

17. G36 Handguard flashlight (SureFire M570A).

Comments: we will collect more info and plan to make that.

18. Built M4/M16 uppers (with charging handle etc) to fit G&P AEG's and WOC's.

Comments: will not consider it.

19. S&S sling clip:

Comments : will make it.

20. Diemaco products like sights and grips.

Comments: will consider.

21. Israeli MARS Red dot (better quality than ARES).

Comments: will consider

22. Norotos NVG mount 1-hole

Comments: will make it after ELEMENT NVG is arrived.

23. Surefire FH556-215A flashhider. Its now issued by SOCOM, so they will be very popular now because of Navy SEALs, etc.

Comments: not considered now.
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